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I first hired Firman several years ago.  I wanted to lose the few extra pounds after having my first child, without major interferences in my life—no starvation, no running 20 miles a day, no expensive gym memberships etc.  Firman helped me achieve this goal and even go beyond, all while listening to how I felt and adjusting accordingly.  He introduced a variety of workouts, met me at my house or local park, and was always flexible and professional if something came up—so easy to arrange our sessions! After awhile the weight came off without even feeling like I was trying that hard.  Over time I’ve gained a great friend and awesome coach. Our/my goals have changed—from learning some sprinting skills, to improving footwork agility, becoming more flexible by learning efficient stretches, building muscle strength and confidence.  I have seen major improvements performing my club sport, along with just feeling strong and not being afraid to lift and move household items (and kids) without injury. Firman is a true professional. My mental and physical health would not be as strong without his workouts. Skip the daily Starbucks and invest in personal training with Firmfit instead.  It WILL improve your life.

Nancy Andersen, MD

Cary, NC

I joined Pulse last May and...I have enjoyed every minute of my experience there. ... Recently, I met one of your Personal Trainers, Firman, who I feel is a real asset to this club. My friend and I had some questions on some of the equipment in the free wight area and after being introduced to us, he took us all through that area and showed us how best to use the weights to our benefit. He is very friendly, enthusiastic, motivating, and supportive. He seems very knowledgeable about weight training and not only showed us how to use the weights properly, but explained where we should see some results of our work and why our muscles will develop different to men's. He was constantly complimenting our work and congratulating us. It was a very positive experience. 


Kathryn J. Boyer 

Cary, NC


Dawn said I got the wrong muscle groups, but I knew you got the idea. We saw her Saturday and the coach told us she was very impressed with the hard work Dawn had done and how ready she was! We can't thank you enough for all your help! 


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